Vocabulary and Knowledge Expansion

Educational Books

When reading, you might come across a few words you don’t quite understand or even recognise. This confusion can lead you to look up the word and discover the definition. Dictionaries, both in book form or ebook form, can be beneficial to your understanding this new word you might not recognise.

Because you didn’t know the word, to begin with, the act of searching for the definition helps your brain retain that new and exciting word. Consider how far your vocabulary has come since you first learned to read. You now know many new words that are more intelligent sounding than when you first started reading.

What does this do to benefit you? Well, after several days of reading and looking up new words you don’t understand, your vocabulary will begin to expand one word at a time. Words and phrases, when reading every day, fill your brain with a new vocabulary that you might never have learned without reading. This is proven in this study by the University Of Oregon.

Often, you might not even realize how much your vocabulary has increased after even just one day of heavy reading. These words that you have been learning will begin to integrate themselves into your everyday vocabulary, and you will start to catch yourself using these words. It is incredible how much you take in while reading, and this aspect of understanding is another significant benefit of daily reading.

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