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The Basic Problem

Every living soul craves for power and control. All over the world people wake up in the morning to empower themselves so as to have control over their lives. We all want to master our lives and determine what happens to us daily. It is a hunger and strong desire which nothing can take from us. As the human beings we are it is difficult to find anyone who finds enough of what he or she craves for. The more we get what we want or rather what we think we want, the more we want more. Every accomplishment opens another door for ‘running’ or seeking new heights to climb, new territories to conquer.

For example, it is easy to think that when an athlete sets a world record in any of the Sports competitions he or she will heave a sigh of relief and say, ENOUGH. Instead what you see is more training and different kinds of discipline to break his or her own record. On few occasions this QUEST has resulted to use or abuse of substances meant for enhancing performance.

Give man a house and he or she will want more houses. Avail him or her of more then comes the quest for an estate. Give an estate and the hunger to own a city will be activated. Satisfy that quest and it will open another door for something more. There will never be an end to what we want. This is the root of most money problems that people have. Human beings –You and I, find it difficult to be satisfied with what we have. Society is wired to keep majority of the world’s population always in the pursuit of more. So, the more we get, the more we want more. And it doesn’t seem that an end to that way of living is in sight. At least, not while several global interest groups have learned to leverage on this weakness of man to keep ‘things going according to their plans.’ The result, if you are asking, is that many are busy wasting their lives on NOTHING. Knowingly or unknowingly we set ourselves up in a competition over which we are quick to deny anytime some sense is ‘knocked’ into our heads. Man’s hunger for control is destroying more destinies than we can imagine. 

Just as we want to have control over the affairs of our personal lives there are people who want more. Most of the challenges of this world are being caused by people and groups who have gone beyond control of their personal lives. They want to control the lives of others as well. Many of these people and groups already control others but they want more. Therefore, there is a competition between this category of people, not for control of the affairs of their own lives but for increase of the sphere of control over other people’s lives. So, in some sense their personal affairs is to control the personal affairs of increasing number of people. But, there’s still another level of control.

Not satisfied by the people they control all over the world some people and groups fight each other for the control of nations. Locally, groups fight, sometimes ‘dirty’, to have control of their own country. They deny themselves sleep just to have a hold on the different ‘ropes’ that guide the movement of their country. This operates at different levels. As some fight to control the entire nation there are others who fight at lower levels to control the running of government, business and so on. Somehow, these people seem to have lost interest in anything except to control or as they say, ‘to run things.’. They engage in different kinds of activities but just as a way of having a say or being a stakeholder in that which shouldn’t have been their concern in the first place. So, their satisfaction is no longer accessible through anything less than conquering nations; not just being able to have more than their share in the ‘pie’ meant for the masses but to determine who gets what.

to be continued…

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