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And so you see ‘them’ campaign, promote, sell increase in Foreign Direct Investment, FDI to nations. Getting Foreign Direct Investment, FDI is great on the face value. But, “The sound of bitter cola does not in any way explain its taste.” So, as increase in FDI is celebrated by nations –local politicians use it to hoodwink the populace into thinking that something wonderful is happening through their leadership, more is being lost, in most cases the future is mortaged. In most instances it is local ‘Warlords’ conniving with foreign counterparts to rip-off the (wealth of the) nation. There is nothing wrong with FDI because several interests groups have successfully worked together to break economic and business barriers making the world a global economic community. Therefore, everything is operating on the table of global economics and development. And so nations come to the table to secure their interests. However, this has opened a gate into nations. It has become an opening used by different global or world interest groups to exploit the larger society just to serve the interest of their masters.

On a different level many people are gaining power –political, business, religious, but most of us are too distracted to pay even a little attention to know what’s really going on. Many of us have no time or space to look well so as to see beyoind the surface. Too many activities are going on behind closed doors and the night has become the day for many. It has been turned into a time for destiny changing activities and control of what goes on during the day. The challenge is that majority of the people are too distracted and busy to ask the right questions. Too many things are happening, at the speed of light, daily and so Constant Change have become the new normal for us. The 21st Century living is increasingly pushing this Constant Change. So, we have passed the stage, level, age and time when we used to say that, “Change is the only constant thing.” In this 21st Century the only constant thing is Constant Change.

Our daily living is being changed daily in different ways but few even notice to pay attention. And the few that notice just move on out of frustration. Not too many have come to recognize this ‘Constantly Changing Times’ for what it really is. It is important to STOP once in while to think beyond our pursuits and needs. This is what these people and groups whose interests have become their god seek to master. They seek deeper understanding of the operations of laws of the universe and how to manipulate their way through. They spend more time and resources in control of systems and so end up with more than they need in hundred lives –if it was possible for them to have a hundred different lives they would have gone for it at any cost.

These people have found out that, one of the easiest ways to control a people is to give them Speed. This is one of the reasons you find living in 21st Century moving at an unbelievable. They fund different researches simultaneously and give the world new products –media, tech, educational systems, sciences, agriculture, economic shifts in laws, innovations, and so on. This way a majority of the world’s inhabitants are kept busy grabbling with the Speed of new things to both think about and work with. In the meantime these people use our responses to the Speed they created to control or ‘run things.’

These things have a strong link to the Money Problems being faced by multitudes living across the world. The insatiable nature of man has pushed many to seek control of that which they need not control. And one of the effects is that many people have been swallowed by the system in values and priorities. The wrong, unhealthy and unnecessary attention, worth and value assigned to money and the things money can buy is a proof of how far we have gone off the ‘grid.’. Another proof is in how almost everything has become monitized –even friendships, love, kindness, humanitarian activities, religious allegiances, and so on. The system we now have is imposing a new paradigm, one in which MONEY speaks louder -beyond the power and reach it is supposed to have.

The basic problem is the insatiable greed in our hearts. This may sound harsh to some people. However, a closer and careful look into the increasing complex nature of global monetary control will show a pattern. Only very few are free from the control of that which is already in place; deciding the faith of nations and systems. Some of the things we shall be looking at in later chapters will show that today’s living is being manipulated to conform to ‘something’ already programmed. This already ‘programmed system’ is feeding the insatiable nature of humans just to destroy the moral fabrics that has kept life on earth within humane boundaries. There’s a ‘tightening of control’ or hold on the resources of the earth in order to determine who gets what. As a result less and less of the resources owned by nations are released to the masses. This is promoting a ‘survival of the fittest’ kind of mindset where individuals are prioritizing selfish interets even against the good of all.

Is it not becoming a troubling phenomenon as people engage in strange and weird inhuman activities across the world? It is no longer news that people are trafficking others for money. Not long ago news came out about how human parts were been harvested for sale. Some of these parts, as we learnt, are not only for medical use but for ritualistic purposes as well. Repeatedly Social Media has been infested with the uploading of wierd video clips of butchering of live humans for sale. Much more than we know is taking place across the world. In some countries even when people are arrested with enough evidence to convict them of murder or other related criminal offences nothig happes to them. We all should be bothered that human life no longer commands the value or worth that it used to. Gradually, the younger generation is growing into a new way of living in which money is being given a worth which has never been imagined while the value of human life is trivialized. The effect of this on the older geenration is thet they live in the past. But, we know that,

“To live in the past is to die in the present.”

It’s a new world and it is important that we all understand what is going on and also gain a proper perspective so as to live well. Resolving the Money Problem of our individual lives calls for an understanding of some of the happenings which we never give time to think about. We shall be drawing your attention to several issues that you need to know for proper handling of issues of life.

Our desire is for everyone reading this book to come to the place of knowledge and understanding necessary for situating Money issues properly. If each of us were to understand the network of factors controlling how people behave today we might give a second thought to our approach to life. There are forces battling against each other in the quest to control everything. Some of these forces operate at global, continental, national, city and local levels. They have insatiable lust for power and control. They recruit the younger geenration into their ideologies and twist their minds both for short and long term goals.

Some of these things are behind the Money Problems being experienced by many people across the world. They help to make it more difficult for the ordinary person to break into the class of rich people. Their goal is to ensure that either more of the people struggling to be rich ‘come to them’ or they continue to create systems that will make it difficult for non-conformers to ‘Make Money’ enough to become rich. It is like saying, “Join us and have it easy to become rich and powerful. Refuse us and remain poor

and powerless.” They lure people through diverse ways. And many are falling victim because of the insatiable lust for Money, Power and the THINGS money can buy –pleausre, comfort, cars, houses, travels or vacations, luxuries and so on. We see the rate with which people fluant their suddenly acquired riches and society is gradually becoming too passive for comfort about how these ‘sudden riches’ come about. It has become a great challenge globally because of the network of the people in these groups. They have forced and manipulated their way into positions of authority. They are powerful businessmen and women, controling Big Corporations, Owning Hotels, Media Houses, Controling the Entertainment industry, playing chess over who becomes Presidents in several countries of the world. They have their hands in the security infrastructure across the world. The Gas and Oil of the world is within their control and they have their eyes in the airline business. There is practically no hiding place where they are not able to reach even the religious establishments. It is as terrible as that.

We are drawing your attention to these realities because they play key role in how the economy of the world run. The day to day activities of these ‘Entities’ create too many problems which people are struggling to solve, including Money Problems.  This is why we are bold to say that, several Money Problems are not real. If people were to see through the deception at work in World Systems and the ‘Spell’ over the minds of many just to keep humanity confused and with little or no time to think, several of  our Money Problems will be better resolved.

If you truly want to resolve some of the Money Problems in your life then pay attention to the things we are going to be bringing to your attention. We want you to think through these things. Give yourself a minute to think about life generally. We know that this is one thing ‘these people’ and the system they control do not want anyone to do. They want people to be so busy and occupied with activities and the ‘mad rush’ for getting more Money. And that way, few will have time to think and reason well. That is how majority are being controlled.   

to be continued…

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