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The journey to resolving money problems is a choice. It begins and is sustained till success is achieved through the right knowledge and right actions. First, you have to make the choice to change status from being slave to money into becoming its master. Remember that, everything we become is as a result of the choices we make and the actions from those choices over a period of time. To make things simpler for you we are going to share how to know whether you are a slave to money or not. But before we do that, let us assume that you are. It is better to start on that premise than to mistake yourself to be who and what you are not and so miss it even before you start. Let’s go through the guage for knowing whether we are slaves to money. May be it will also help us determine the extent to which we are in slavery.


WANT for THINGS. It is an established fact that when people turn to acquisition of more THINGS as a way of finding satisfaction and happiness they loose everything. They end up just existing but not living the life they are on earth for. This is why we have more emptiness, confusion, unhappiness and sorrow in those homes where we have more than enough of THINGS that are supposedly meant to bring happiness and satisfaction. What we are saying in essence is that, so long as a human soul makes acquisition of more MONEY, THINGS and POWER a priority there will be no rest and tranquility in the inner recesses of the Mind to make true living out of life.


Ladies Shopping For Books

Our daily living is being changed daily in different ways but few even notice to pay attention. And the few that notice just move on out of frustration. Not too many have come to recognize this ‘Constantly Changing Times’ for what it really is. It is important to STOP once in while to think beyond our pursuits and needs. This is what these people and groups whose interests have become their god seek to master. They seek deeper understanding of the operations of laws of the universe and how to manipulate their way through. They spend more time and resources in control of systems and so end up with more than they need in hundred lives –if it was possible for them to have a hundred different lives they would have gone for it at any cost.

Memory Improvement and Better Focus

Though it has been mentioned earlier about how reading can improve concentration and critical thinking, there is another part of mental health that reading helps to improve. This point is stated by NCU on their blog. Reading at least a little each day can improve your focus and your memory function. In this instance as well, […]