Writing is still growing in Nigeria. Many writers/authors are still struggling to earn something reasonable from their labors. For this many gifted writers fear to venture. And those who braved it are only holding on.
In their effort to have a breakthrough most local authors/writers pay to publish in foreign platforms. However, almost all their target audience locally is not able to buy their books because they will have to pay in foreign currency.

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Buybuuk.com is a self-publishing/e-publishing, eBook sale, and books promotion platform for widening the reach of authors with their works. Its main goal is to provide alternative and globally competitive platform for authors/writers to both self-publish, promote, market and sale their books. The interesting aspect is that, buyers will easily pay using their Naira ATM cards. This way authors can get their circle of influence on different social media platforms to both access and buy their books.
How it Works

Authors/Writers: Publishing books on buybuuks.com is Completely Free

  • You write a book
  • Come to buybuuks.com and register as an author/writer
  • Your dashboard will show your details, number of books published on buybuuks.com
  • Number of books bought for each of your books published on buybuuks.com will also display on your dashboard
  • Upload already formatted eBook (you may need to pay for the services of a competent hand to help you do that)
  • Upload Book cover (you may need to pay for the services of a competent hand to help you do that)
  • You’ll see message stating whether your uploads were successful or not
  • Followed by a mail approving your book for publishing or otherwise
  • If successful you copy the link and use to advertise on different platforms like WhatsApp groups, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc
  • A buyer will have to register
  • Then click on any book then click on buy
  • That will open a payment portal for payment
  • Successful payment will send a message to the buyer and author
  • Generate a receipt
  • The buyer will get a link to download the book
  • For any book sold buybuuk.com takes 25 percent
  • 75 percent Royalty is remitted to each author monthly, or whenever sales reaches N10, 000
  • To meet specifications for any book to be accepted each author may need to get a competent tech person to help do all necessary designs, etc before uploading
  • We recommend Chatazu Publishing Services for their expertise and competitive cost –very low charges. You can Click here to reach them 

You Want to Publish on BuyBuuks.com?

Every hour people are submitting form to publish their books on our website because we have thousands of audience who are looking for books to read every minutes.You can be part of the Author today